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Protect Education, Create a Better Future Together


Our future depends on how well we prepare ALL students for tomorrow. 

As a member of the State Board of Education, District 1, Tricia will-


     Improve student success

  • increase student enrollment in college and career ready courses

  • facilitate real-world, hands-on learning through apprenticeships and high-quality community-based projects 


     Provide educator support

  • attract and maintain credentialed teachers with ongoing teacher recruitment

  • strengthen positive teacher-parent relationships

  • establish “listen and learn sessions” with educators and stay current on issues that require immediate attention

    Enlist community involvement

  • engage local agency/business partnerships that support pre-K through 12 education

    Promote school safety

  • improve school safety measures

  • include students, educators, and specialists in strategic planning to lesson violence in schools

  • promote safe learning environments for ALL

    Strengthen accountability

  • measure education with the necessary criteria to assess the success and progress of education plans 

  • create conditions for success inspired by local and nation-wide best practices

Together we can make a difference with education as a priority for Nevada. Please join the mission to protect education!

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