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Protect Education, Create a Better Future Together

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“Braxton is in tune with what’s going on in Nevada’s school districts and what role the state board can play to ensure better student outcomes.”
-Clark County Education Association Executive Director,
John Vellardita




I am Dr. Tricia Braxton, candidate for State Board of Education District 1, and I ask that you join me in protecting education. I have called Nevada my home for 21 years. As an educator dedicated to student success, I am driven to engage students and teachers to help find sustainable solutions to improve education in Nevada. I understand why investing in our children, youth, and educators is vital to the success of our community. I have a first-hand understanding of the complexities and disparities between conventional public, charter, private, and faith-based schools. The positive results of my work are due to intentional partnership-building and solution-based collaborations.


My career experience is vast! Before moving west to raise my family, I lived in New York and served my community as a New York City police officer. I come from a law enforcement family who instilled in me a solid work ethic. My law enforcement experience informed me how much system factors, such as the economy, housing, and access to quality health care, affect education and vice versa. 


So it was that I moved to Henderson. What was an unfamiliar place quickly became home as my family grew, and I chose to switch careers to become a 1st and 3rd-grade teacher. I explored additional education career options, and for the past eleven years, I have worked diligently to provide community-based education supporting pre K-12 classrooms within Clark County.

As a mother of two amazing daughters, while working full time, I obtained a master’s degree in urban leadership development and a Doctor of Public Policy Degree from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. I know juggling life’s responsibilities can be complex, but our will to do better must be strong.

So, why am I running?


I am running because Nevada is my home. Clark County is my home. Like many, I want sustainable improvement in student success and teacher support. I want to keep this town a great place to raise a family. I am a collaborator who understands that every voice deserves consideration. Our schools are in need of positive support and our future is dependent on how well we prepare our children and youth for tomorrow. 


Las Vegas is a world-class city with world-class restaurants, sports, and entertainment. 


In a time when it is easy to talk about the failure of education and our poor score report card, I want to focus on sustainable solutions! We can do better for our schools!


We are Nevada, the silver state that has the power to bring gold standards to education if we really want it!



2505 Anthem Village Dr. Ste E482
Henderson, NV 89052
(702) 389-9095

Please take a moment to tell me your thoughts about and experience with education in our community. 

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